From the Intro to the Duction

Watsup all the people in the world who still read blogs! I am a supercool writer who is tired of life and thus decided to start a blog because that’s a very lucrative… thing. I don’t know. I just wanted to start a blog and review stuff, mostly books, movies/series and music but also more unconventional things like walking, exercising, clouds and life itself. Fuck limits, right? I want to write for the average person, definitely not for the exceptional person, they’re assholes. Sorry if you’re an exceptional person but if you feel offended, stop being an asshole.

Before this introduction turns into a rant about exceptional people who am I kidding, it’s already a rant about exceptional people. TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM!

So, as I was saying, I will try this blogging/review thing and see where it goes and I hope you like it. Currently I’m reading the book Laws of Human Nature written by Robert Greene. My first review will be about this book, but don’t hold your breath. I ordered and started reading the book when it came out in October and I’m still not finished reading it so who knows when I’ll be done with it. But when I am done, I’ll write the review, as the procedure of these things usually go. Would be weird if I did the review first and the reading second. Or maybe I’ll do that, cuz’ fuck limits, right?

Anyway. Bye.