Do you support Donald Trump?

Hello my readers… I will tell you a story now. A story of how one can accidentally damage their very own cause. The inescapable time has come to talk about Donald Trump, since it’s already too late not to talk about him because he won the election. Actually, I’m not going to write directly about him, I’ll talk more about one of the reasons that he could even get elected.
I live in Sweden and we have our share of racists just like other countries. The last couple of years I have seen and heard many people publicly oppose racist groups and the groups still grows.


The reason these racist people managed to become so well known and climb the ladder is mainly because of other people, and I’m not talking solely about their own supporters. What I’m talking about is the people who oppose these racists. Those people, me included, are all scared that the undoubtedly wrong people will come to power. But when the opposition constantly either talk about the racist groups and how bad they are and/or are joking about them all the time, the opposition is in many cases being counterproductive. The cliché expression ”No publicity is bad publicity” is very true for the reason that if a name is in circulation it means that the name still gets attention which means that at least some people listen to the name and depending on how many people really are listening the the name it will determine the power of the name. You could be Adolf Hitler himself or even ten times worse than him but if nobody listens to you, why does anything you say even matter? As long as you spread the negative names in vain they will always have a chance for power. It does not matter that their name is widely hated, what matters is that their name is widely known.

I applied what I learned about racist groups in Sweden to the US election. During the campaign people were talking endlessly about Trump. All the things he said, all the things he did, his appearance, his racism, his supporters, everything. It’s understandable that all these things became so talked about because everything about the Trump campaign was so extremely bizarre and unreal. It stopped being a political campaign and it became a show which led to people never taking him seriously. Everyone ended up denouncing him and joke about him. Just imagine though, if you yourself was a Trump supporter. Is it not true that you would be offended by someone ridiculing the candidate that you trust so much? And when you do get offended, is it not true that you would love Trump even more than before? If you don’t believe me, change the name Trump with the name Obama and run the same example. If a white supremacist ridiculed Obama it would only strengthen your love for Obama. So if a liberal democrat ridiculed Trump it would only strengthen their love for Trump.
When people on social media posted anything that the Crazy Ol’ Trump did they also spread his name. Probably to people that didn’t even know that they liked Trump and if that post reached people who already did like Trump, their support only grew.

How much do you know about Bernie Sanders and how much do you know about Donald Trump? I can say for myself that I unfortunately know more about the latter because I have not been active enough in searching for information about the former. Just like literally everybody else. That’s what happens if you only follow the new hearsay from social media. Also the news.

When it comes to the news though, it’s slightly different. They have a certain obligation to report who is running for president, who is the presidential candidate for a party and who is elected president. This also means that the people have a certain obligation to know propaganda and manipulation when they see it so that whoever is running for president, who is the presidential candidate for a party and who is elected president isn’t someone who is flirting with dictatorship and tyranny.



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