The Cure For Writer’s Block

Hello everyone!

I currently have writers’ block. I tried to write something on my untitled book and only 80 words came out. That’s why I decided to write a swagged up poem for you. Enjoy.

The One Lost
by Andreas Blaustein

When I first saw you, I knew you were the one
You were spring, the scent of flowers in my lungs
An invisible soul, with the wisdom of an old poet
I put my words into song, but I never sold it

I lost you, with the first confirmation you had
I thought you’d come back, I must have been mad
To believe that, you would ever even think to ignore
What you had just found to be, the cure

You lost yourself, amongst the people all over the world
Who recognized you, as a happy and popular girl
I’m still here for you, but now I’m the invisible one
The scent of flowers, turned to smoke in my lungs

I would let you shoot me, but you won’t waste your bullets
I’m tired of feeling small, so I feel nothing
Don’t waste your venom
I’ll do it myself

Författare: Andreas Blaustein

Funny blogger, depressing author


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