Perfect – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I don’t live where all the glamorous people live
Where all the beautiful, career building, ambitious and healthy people live
To live there you just gotta have that perfect smile
along with the perfect body
and luscious hair
They all live by one goal
“Be perfect”
I used to admire them and I wanted to be like them
I thought they were projections of a happy life
But I’m tired
My path that used to be so clear to me disappeared in the mist
and I wandered off into the place where the perfect don’t live
Where only the dying live
What used to be my path is now being trodden upon by someone else
who will walk it to the end
The end that I wanted to reach
Now I don’t care for all the glamorous people or my old path
I want to get a house somewhere near a lake or the ocean
I want my dog to sit in my lap and we’ll watch the waves come
I want to sit there and breathe the clean air
I want to walk in an old and green forest
I want sun and dead leaves and snow and new leaves
But I’m still in the place where the perfect don’t live
where only the dying live
This life was never meant for me

by Andreas Blaustein


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