Cold Sunset – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I was delivering mail
in the beginning of winter
On this particular day I was delivering to villa houses using a moped
The houses were situated by the shore of a lake
After about seven hours of sorting the letters in the office
and about three hours of delivering in the cold
my beard had frozen to ice and I had a huge headache
Then, finally
I was done delivering the route
Right by the shore, there was a bench
facing the lake
I parked the moped and sat down on the bench
The bench was placed in the middle of a circle of trees
The leaves had already fallen long ago
but the trees had a mystic, ancient beauty to them
I was watching the sun go down
The sky was red and it was slowly going away
The headache was gone
or at least
I didn’t notice it anymore
I didn’t notice anything anymore
I just watched the small waves gently break
against the rocks on the barren shore
The sun went down beyond the edge of the lake
My head was clear and I just breathed
while sitting completely still
like a statue
is what I wanted my life to be
Maybe it’s just there
beyond the edge of the lake

by Andreas Blaustein


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