Debates – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I could sit here and debate with them
I could think of dozens of arguments
but it doesn’t matter if I’m right
People above never listen
They will do their own useless ideas,
or rather, the ideas of the company for which they work
If you work long enough at one place
you and the company are the same
and companies doesn’t see people, only numbers
They would make you work for free
if they could
Never forget that
They overwork you until your performance gets worse
Then they complain that your performance has gotten worse
Then they will ask you why it has gotten worse
Then they ignore your answer
Then they complain some more
I don’t want to debate with them
I want to beat the living fucking shit out of them
but it’s only satisfactory for the moment
I want to make them realize
who the fuck they’ve been talking to this whole time
So when they abuse the petty power they have
I will keep that feeling of injustice,
that deep anger, bitterness, resentment,
and use that energy in a way that actually matters
I’ll get my redemption that way

by Andreas Blaustein


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