Fun Party – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

The music is loud and horrible
People are louder and they constantly change the song
They drink and let loose their worst sides that I wish I had not seen
I can’t even hear the words of the person infront of me
and if I did, I bet it’s not even worth listening to
Fifty people inside an apartment, all generating heat
I’m standing still and I’m sweating all over my body
Is this a party? Is this fun?
Well then, fuck parties and fuck fun
I’ll take a taxi home, the unreasonable price is worth it
because the train won’t get me there fast enough
The sanctity of home is my well of serenity
Here I can read, listen to good music and watch my favourite movies and shows
I can stand still without sweating for nothing
I can sit in silence and think and philosophize
My inspiration can be put to something meaningful here
There’s only one problem
I’m alone and I can’t meet new people
They’re at the party having fun

by Andreas Blaustein


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