The lions and the wolves

The lions and the wolves had a problem. They were bothing hunting during the day. This caused them to go after the same prey at the same time. Their hunting styles were a bit different which caused confusion and conflict between the lions and wolves. And the more time they spent fighting, the less time they spent hunting and therefore also less time eating. They decided to have a big meeting where they would try to come up with a solution to the problem. Their survival depended on them agreeing and managing to fix the situation. The day of the meeting came but they couldn’t agree on anything at all. At the end of the meeting they managed to decide to go to Evolution and ask for help, since they themselves couldn’t agree to a solution. The next day they all went to Evolution and asked it to help them with their problem.
“This is an easy fix,” said Evolution. “The lions will hunt early in the morning and the wolves will hunt late in the night. I will make sure of this by turning up your energy levels during those times, respectively.”
Both the lions and wolves liked this idea and it was actualized. Times went on and everything worked great. Nobody was interfering with the other.

Then the lions started making companies because they wanted to make money. They built cities, roads and supermarkets where they could buy food instead of hunting. It was harder for the wolves to hunt now because all their prey was scared away by all the noise from the many construction sites. The wolves were forced to get jobs in the companies owned by the lions so that they could buy food in the supermarkets. Of course, the jobs they got started early in the morning because that’s when the lions’ energy levels was at their highest. The wolves could find few or no jobs that started later at night when their energy levels were at their highest. The jobs that did start late in the night were all terrible. Many of the wolves could barely get any good sleep anymore. After work they were too tired to do anything productive with their energy. They had no time, energy or opportunity to be wolves anymore. As a result, many of the wolves developed addictions, sleep insomnia, bad eating habits, diabetes, anxiety and depression. They tried to talk about this issue with the lions, but then they only got fired. They went to Evolution for help instead.
“I will talk to the lions,” said Evolution. It went to the lions and had a meeting with them. “It’s okay if you have companies, cities, roads, supermarkets and jobs, but I specifically ordered the wolves’ energy levels to be the highest at night,” said Evolution. “Why are you making the wolves start work so early? It’s literally in their DNA to work at night. You’re creating a situation where they are at a huge disadvantage. They can’t be productive or happy because you’re forcing them to go against their own biological nature.”
“Tough shit,” said one lion and shot Evolution in the head. Then the lions all ate Evolutions’ corpse while talking about how lazy, dumb and weak the wolves were.