Junk food and dark

I’m eating junk food in the dark
I’m crying because I don’t feel
A multiplayer game is on
But I don’t wanna play it anymore
I need to fuck myself up
Because I don’t plan on surviving
An accident or a gun to the head
Whichever is fine by me
Maybe something will happen tomorrow
When I’m buying more junk food
Otherwise it might happen in the dark

TV light

During the night is when the nothingness comes
There’s nobody there to be with me except the TV light
Sometimes video games, sometimes a movie or a show
Whatever it is, imitation of life
Not life itself
A TV won’t talk to you, a TV won’t touch you
A TV don’t need you
It will continue playing commercials if you die in front of it
But I need its light
So I can pretend I’m not alone