You have probably heard that Oprah Winfrey is allegedly considering running for president of the United States. Whether that is true or not is not exactly what I will write about. I will write about what I think about how people are reacting to this since I think it’s a very important discussion.

Look, we all know what Donald is like. He is so bad at what he does that he makes George W. Bush look pretty good. That’s how bad he is. And we got Donald right after Barack Obama, which was a huge contrast. One interesting thing about Donald though, is that he had no political experience at all. Which has, when you think about it, changed the game. Other people that has no political experience has realized that maybe they can do it too. The presidency looks more reachable, but also less serious. It’s a serious issue if people lose faith in the presidency, or for any leadership. If nobody believes in the leadership of a country for a long enough time it spells out revolution and revolutions are a gamble because nobody knows what will happen at the end of such a campaign.

On the other hand, which one is better. Oprah Winfrey or Donald ? Even though Oprah has no political experience at least she does not spread or encourage hate, polarize or lie. If she ran for president I believe she could win. Easily. She could give everybody something to believe in just by her name and that could be a cure for the polarized population of the United States. She could restore the respect for the presidency. She could encourage people to have some faith in their country again. If she did all these things, maybe that’s temporarily enough. Maybe what created Donald Trump will be his doom and the saviour of the current situation of the United States.

Still, I am worried about the whole thing. What if a bunch of unqualified celebrities suddenly run for president alongside actual politicians and one of the celebrities win? What if that celebrity does a terrible job? What if that celebrity becomes a dictator? I know these thoughts might be exaggerations, but if you think about it, two of the three things I mentioned has already happened. If the undermining of a leader position continues and grows, then who knows what it will be like in thirty years? I can only see bad outcomes. But for the urgent present, just to repair what has been broken, maybe we need someone like Oprah Winfrey.

Or do we?

Obviously, Oprah Winfrey would be a better president than Donald if you put them against each other. And a professional politician would be a better president than Oprah Winfrey if you put them against each other. We can not give in to the desperation that Donald has created and put wishful thoughts above common sense.

Politics should never be enternainment.

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