Beautiful Is Horrible

Wazzup my beautiful readers who I hope don’t know that beautiful is actually code for horrible. I haven’t written anything in over a month. Have you missed me? I know you didn’t, that’s why I low-key called you all horrible. I guess it wasn’t that low-key since I literally wrote that you’re all horrible. That’s what’s so beautiful (horrible) about this blog, isn’t it?

So, you might wonder what I will write about today and will tell you exactly what I will write about today. I have been sick for two weeks, which is not interesting at all and I will not write about it. I just said something. I improvised and I failed. I know that I shouldn’t improvise. I will always fail at that and that is literally what I’m doing as I’m writing this. Improvising and failing.


I just figured out what I can write about! The school shooting thing in Florida. That wasn’t so nice. Most of the politicians reactions to it wasn’t very nice either, especially not Donny’s reaction. And Hope Hicks left Donny’s staff. She’s like the millionth one to leave him, and now Donny is Hope-less. Haha, puns.

Okay, so now I have improvised, failed, lazily mentioned the Florida school shooting and I made a pun out of someone, who is stupidly named Hope Hicks, leaving Donny’s staff. That’s enough work for one day. Well, I wish it was work but it’s not since I don’t get paid for this… Yet. Read this blog, subscribe to it down below and recommend it to ALL of your friends so that I can quit my day job and write this retarded blog instead. By doing so you’re helping me economically and therefore you can call it charity and feel like a good person even though we’ve already established that you are horrible.


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