Who The Fuck? – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

Modern life demands so many things of me
I’m supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night
I’m supposed to work out
Get to work in time
If I have a job I don’t like
I’m supposed to simply find another job that I like
The problem is that I don’t like any job at all
I’m supposed to check my notifications from all the apps
I’m supposed to answer messages, e-mails and calls
I’m supposed to have a party, fuck, drink and meet new people
I’m supposed to know everything that’s going on in the world
I’m supposed to have an opinion on all of it
Whether I know anything about it or not is not important
And I’m supposed to remember
to have a lot of super duper fun and carpe the shit out of that diem
I’m supposed to live until I’m ninety
and die happy
Who the fuck can live up to all of this shit?

by Andreas Blaustein


Sandbox – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

Take away all the machine guns, grenades, rifles and pistols
Take away all the tanks, airplanes and ships
Take away the radar and the drones
The missiles and and nuclear bombs
Take away all the motivations
All the speeches, commercials and simple arguments
Take away all the soldiers in all the armies
What do you have left?
Two children quarrelling over the best toys in the sandbox

by Andreas Blaustein