Junk food and spears; a poem by Andreas Blaustein

I’m eating junk food in the dark
I’m crying because I don’t feel
A multiplayer game is on
But I don’t wanna play it anymore
I need to fuck myself up
Because I don’t plan on surviving
An accident or a gun to the head
Whichever is fine by me
The spear is aged and dull
And I don’t see the point
I used to, but not right now

Bear sleep; a poem by Andreas Blaustein

Those damn bears
I envy them so damn much
They sleep through winter like I wanna sleep through life
Or at least a few years of life
I’d sleep a few years and then I’d come back to see if the world is still fucked up and if I can deal with it
Otherwise; a few more years of blessed sleep
I’d keep going like this until I either become happy or just… die
Best I can do right now is go to sleep for twelve hours, so that’s what I’ll do

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Let me know if you would like to sleep for twelve hours also, I’d love to hear about it!

Nights, sleep and money; a poem by Andreas Blaustein

I love to go to sleep when everybody else are beginning to wake up
During the night everything shuts the fuck up
That’s when I can think again
And breathe
Weeknights are best
That’s when it’s the most quiet
This is why I need to get rich
So I can go to sleep in my own time
And be rid of this fucking social jetlag

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