The people on the morning train

The morning train is full of normal people
They smell like all kinds of perfume
But their perfumes all say one thing;
“I’m professional”
These people have normal jobs
They have families and hobbies
When I was little,
I expected to be one of them
That was the future that was portrayed for me
I would be a part of society
“What the fuck?” said society. “You’re not quite normal. Time to fuck you up.”
“Great,” I said. “I’ll turn it into a funny book. Maybe that’ll get me rich enough to circumvent you.”

Legal addictions

Legal addictions are the ones profitable to companies
It’s an investment for a growing economy and therefore “happiness”
It’s all fine, it’s ok
As long as you hit your deadlines and pay the shipping costs
If your addiction takes you down there’s a problem
A money problem
Disguised as a moral problem
If it makes you a bad worker and consumer it’s a sin more severe than all the seven
That’s why, if you have such an addiction, you are not helped but doomed

Why am I alive?

I want to do nothing
To do that I need money
To get money I need to work
To get good money I need good work
To get good work I need good education
To get good education I need to study
All I wanted to do was nothing
Steel against the temple is a quicker way to achieve that goal than all this other shit
How the fuck have I not done it yet?
How am I holding on? And why?