Perfect – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I don’t live where all the glamorous people live
Where all the beautiful, career building, ambitious and healthy people live
To live there you just gotta have that perfect smile
along with the perfect body
and luscious hair
They all live by one goal
“Be perfect”
I used to admire them and I wanted to be like them
I thought they were projections of a happy life
But I’m tired
My path that used to be so clear to me disappeared in the mist
and I wandered off into the place where the perfect don’t live
Where only the dying live
What used to be my path is now being trodden upon by someone else
who will walk it to the end
The end that I wanted to reach
Now I don’t care for all the glamorous people or my old path
I want to get a house somewhere near a lake or the ocean
I want my dog to sit in my lap and we’ll watch the waves come
I want to sit there and breathe the clean air
I want to walk in an old and green forest
I want sun and dead leaves and snow and new leaves
But I’m still in the place where the perfect don’t live
where only the dying live
This life was never meant for me

by Andreas Blaustein

Mass Suicide – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

We’re not killing Earth
We’re killing ourselves
We’re taking a whole lot of innocent species with us
And even though I hate that fact
I do love the fact that
nature will still be here when we’re not
to laugh at our corpses and piss on our legacy

by Andreas Blaustein

Character – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

Some moments are turning points in your life
You get your shit together
You talk to your crush
You get on stage and perform
Those are character creating moments
Your life is made up of all the choices you’ve made
How warming it is to realize
that I’ve made none
so I can’t be anything
which is good
because then I have little to fight for or care about
and I like that
But I don’t like that I like that

by Andreas Blaustein

Ditch Dwellers – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I went from wanting the world to wanting nothing
I just want to hide under the covers
Preferably with someone else
Preferably with someone I love intimately
But most likely with no-one
Still better than being out there
in the stream of the city
Out there where the people work hard to achieve things
I want none of that
None of that matters
So, what do I think matters?
I don’t know
I really don’t fucking know
Lots of people don’t know
These outcasts of life are all sitting down in the ditch
In the cold, wet and stinking ditch
They’re all silent and grim
I might as well join them

by Andreas Blaustein

The Silent Poem – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

Kingdoms and empires collapse
and the future is creeping up
There’s no answer as to what will happen
So we all panic or stay in denial
Fear takes over and we hate and hate and hate
Every war in history had its’ own justifications
But the dead can’t speak for themselves

2009-2012 – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I think about all of you sometimes
I miss you and the life we lived
Not all of us were best friends
Some of us were mere acquaintances
Just someone we say hello to
while passing each other in the corridor
I think about all of you sometimes
but I know that you don’t think of me
None of you remember me
I’m not blaming you, I envy you
I want to release my grip of the past too
to be able to accept you as a part of my past
and not to wish myself back there all the time
So as I sit in the dark and recall useless memories
I imagine everyone of you living your lives
It hurts so much
that I’m the only one
who still hasn’t left

The End – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

Power doesn’t corrupt, we’re already corrupted
There’s no evil in the world, only humans
We’ve tipped the scale our way
But the imbalance will even out
Let the sun burn and the oceans rise
It’s not the end of the world, only ours
And we all deserve it
For our greatness and ignorance

by Andreas Blaustein

Simplicity – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

You are nothing and so am I
None of us are gods or prophets
Death will come for us all
And even if it doesn’t, we’re still nothing
But we should be okay with that
All we really need is
good people, good food and good drink
We need good music and good stories
And maybe most of all we need good talks and laughter
But it’s too hard to have all of that
So we chase success

by Andreas Blaustein

You Owe Me – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I have no friends and no social life
World, you owe me
I have no woman to make me warm
World, you owe me
I’m slowly getting fatter, I hate my job, I’m not rich and I’m not living my dream
World, you owe me nothing
Absolutely nothing

by Andreas Blaustein

Ten Years Ago – The First 25 Years of a Dreamer

I had dreams bigger than life itself
I wanted to be everything
I had time upon time and even more time
Then I took too much time
That’s how I learned the meaning of days passing
I have a new dream now
I haven’t started working on it yet
but I have time
I promise

by Andreas Blaustein